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January 19, 2018
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arrow bulletCamillus Middle School - Team Information

The Camillus Middle School teams meet every day with the exception of the Special Area team. During these daily meetings, teams discuss progress of students, meet with students to recognize their achievements as well as encourage them to do better. They coordinate curriculum as well as other team projects. This is also a time when parents can come in and meet with all members of the academic team.

The team meeting schedule is as follows:

  • 6th grade - 9:09 - 9:51- Ellen Miller, Kate Parry, Michelle Lepak, Sue Francesconi, Jackie Mills
  • 7th grade - 9:54 - 10:36 - Jamie Abdo, Kristin Duschen, Stephanie Murphy, Kate Clift
  • 8th grade - 9:54 - 10:36 - Becky Tanchack, Tim Moser, Becky Eassa, Carm Primiano


If you would like to come and visit the team, please contact the Guidance Office at 672-8381 and they will set up that meeting for you. If you are interested in just speaking to members of the team, contact that same number during the team time and the Guidance Office will connect you with the desired teachers.


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