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December 11, 2017


arrow bulletTeaching Center - Professional Development

The Teaching Center funds two unique professional development activities. The program enables teachers to make autonomous decisions regarding individual staff development plans related to: 1) financial assistance to attend a professional conference of choice 2) financial assistance to support a teacher designed summer workshop.


Teachers may use professional development services under the following conditions:

Professional Conference

1. There are three rounds of applications distributed district-wide (these are not available to parochial schools): a. Round 1-travel from 7/1-9/15-distributed beginning of September b. Round 2-travel from 9/16-1/15-distributed first of January c. Round 3-travel from 1/16-6/30-distributed beginning of March

2. Individuals must review a checklist to be certain to submit all necessary paperwork with their application.

3. Applicants can apply for up to $250 if they are attending a conference or up to $300 if they are a presenter/officer of a given conference.

4. If you are staying at a New York State hotel you should call in advance and ask the hotel if they will accept a New York State Tax Exempt form when paying the hotel bill with a personal credit card. If the hotel refuses to accept the Tax Exempt form the Teaching Center will not be able to reimburse you the payment of the tax.

  Watch for future applications. When available they will be located at the right.....

 Also located to the right, is a 5-year database in PDF format....

Teacher Designed Workshop  

1. Applications are normally distributed in the beginning of February.

2. The Committee brings their recommendations to the March Directing Council meeting.

3. Individuals granted funding are notified and are made aware that they must sign a pay voucher. Checks are released after teachers submit a final project to the Teaching Center, with a formal log of their hours and dates worked. Final approval is provided by the Teaching Center Director.

Watch for future applications. When available they will be located at the right in Word Input Format, PDF Input Format, and PDF Print Only Format...


Teaching Center Professional Development Committee:

A Committee is established to review all Professional Conferences and Teacher Designed Summer proposals. Teachers are requested to follow all guidelines and to provide all necessary paperwork required in the proposal in order to be judged for approval.

Located to the right, is a 5-year database in PDF format....


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