Split Rock Announcements


  • Monday, May 21- Grade 5 to CMS
  • Thursday, May 24- Grade 4 Science Performance Assessment 
  • Friday, May 25 – Positivity Project Assembly Grade 1

Split Rock Happy Birthday Banner for Announcements

Birthdays Celebrated this Week!

  • Sunday, May 20- Jonathan Deering
  • Tuesday, May 22- Ava Spraker, Mason Sheehan
  • Wednesday, May 23- Margarita Vasileski, Vivian Farino, Rhison Williams, Aiden Lounsbery, Zachary Rossiter
  • Thursday, May 24- Evan Cregg, Nicholas Fresina Jr.
  • Friday, May 25- Kylie Hayduke, Robbie Hall, Alexis Knight

Lunch Menu:

  • Monday, May 21: “Pillsbury” Pancakes, “Trix” Yogurt, Crispy Tator Tots, Warm Cinnamon Applesauce
  • Tuesday, May 22: “Taco Tuesday”, Seasoned Beef Taco w/chips & cheese sauce, Mexican Baked Beans, Zesty Tomato Salsa, Chilled Mandarin Oranges
  • Wednesday, May 23: Pretzel Hot Dog, Crinkle Cut Fries, Steamed Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Banana
Positivity Project Shield with Words
This weeks’ trait is “#OtherPeopleMatter