A New NYS Master Teacher from West Genesee is Announced

Chris PaoliOn December 23, 2022 New York State announced that Christopher Paoli has been named a New York State Master Teacher.

The New York State Master Teacher Program is a vibrant network of more than 1,600 outstanding public school teachers throughout the state who share a passion for their own Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning and for collaborating with colleagues to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.

He joins the growing list of previously recognized West Genesee Master teachers: Kathryn Annan (Emeritus), Gabriela Babcock, Katherine Clift, Scott English, Samuel Gervaise (Emeritus), Maria Leonardo (PLT Facilitator), Jennifer Andrews (CMS/WGHS Science), Scott Duda (WGHS Science), and Margaret Barrett (CMS Science). (Click here for information and bios on all master teachers.)

Throughout their four-year participation in the program, Master Teachers engage in peer mentoring and professional development opportunities, work closely with pre-service and early career teachers to foster a supportive environment for the next generation of STEM teachers, and attend regional Master teacher meetings.

The program is designed to boost STEM academics and is supported by State University of New York (SUNY) campus partners in each region of the state.