Emergency Closing Information

Tune in for Emergency Closings and Delays

Announcements about school closings, delayed openings, or early dismissal will be posted on the News Headlines section of this District website home page, sent out through WG Communications Powered by Blackboard, posted on social media (Twitter/Facebook) and also broadcast on the television and radio stations.


Television: WSTM – Channel 3; WTVH – Channel 5WSYR – Channel 9; WCNY – Channel 24Spectrum – Channel 10

Social Media (Twitter.com/Facebook Fan Page)

Twitter.com and the facebook page will be used to communicate snow days and closings in conjunction with the media being contacted. You do have to have an account on twitter.com and follow WestGeneseeCSD to receive the updates.

West Genesee Communications – Powered by SchoolMessenger

SchoolMessenger communications software allows us to send emails, texts, phone app notifications, and make phone calls. (Phone calls will be used for primarily for emergency situations only.) The Blackboard mobile phone app notifications will also be used (see below for more information).

Parent/Guardians and Staff will NOT need to sign-up to receive information from schools that you are registered for in Schooltool. (You will have the option to opt out if you choose not to receive emails, texts, and/or phone calls.)

Please email the Publications Office at publications@westgenesee.org with any questions.  Here is more information about the Communications system.

Blackboard Mobile Phone App

Push-out notifications will be made from the West Genesee Mobile Phone App for iPhone and Android.