West Genesee Communications

West Genesee Communications – Powered by SchoolMessenger

SchoolMessenger LogoSchoolMessenger communications software allows us to send emails, texts, and make phone calls. (Phone calls will be used for primarily for emergency situations only.) The Blackboard mobile phone app notifications will also be used (see below for more information).

Parent/Guardians and Staff will NOT need to sign-up to receive information from schools that you are registered for in Schooltool. (You will have the option to opt out if you choose not to receive emails, texts, and/or phone calls.)

Please email the Publications Office at publications@westgenesee.org with any questions.

Social Media (Twitter.com/Facebook Page)

Twitter.com and the facebook page will be used to communicate throughout the year and especially for snow days and closings (in conjunction with the media being contacted). You do have to have an account on twitter.com and follow WestGeneseeCSD to receive the updates.

Blackboard Mobile Phone App

Push-out notifications for District e-Newsletters and Notes from the Superintendent will be made from the West Genesee Mobile Phone App for iPhone and Android.

West Genesee Mobile Phone App How To’s

How to Download the West Genesee CSD App

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play
  • Search “West Genesee Central SD”
  • Select “Free” or “Get” and then “Install”
  • You will need to know your apple or google account password
  • After it has installed select “Open”
  • You have now downloaded the app

How to Customize Your News and Calendar Feeds

  • Select the News icon
  • By default you will see the district level news feeds
  • Select the “wheel/gear” in the top right hand corner
  • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
  • Choose which type of news you want to follow (Twitter/Blog/Facebook)
  • Select “Back” and then “Done”
  • Now your customized selection will display in your News Section
  • Select the Calendar icon Select the “Wheel/gear” in the top right hand corner
  • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
  • Select “Done”
  • Your App is now customized

 How to Reset the App/Calendar Feeds

  • From an android phone by following these steps: open the app, go to settings, manage app, storage and then clear data and cache.
  • From an iphone follow these steps: open the app, go to settings, click on reset app defaults.

Set up Alerts

  • Open the App
  • Swipe the screen to the second page and select “Notifications”
  • Your “Inbox” is any messages you have received through our Blackboard mobile app
  • Alerts are push notifications that pop-up on your phone
  • To set-up an alert select the “wheel/gear” in the top right hand corner
  • You can set up alerts for: Any time a new message is sent


  • Click on the calendar icon
  • Select the “wheel/gear” in the top right corner
  • Select the West Genesee Central School District
  • Select All or the individual school/calendar(s) that you want to view
  • Click on the Back button in the upper left corner, then the Done button
  • At the bottom of the page, select List or Month for the view you prefer to see

Lunch Menus

  • Click on the menu icon
  • Select the “wheel/gear” in the top right corner
  • Select the menu for high, middle, elementary lunch or elem/ms breakfast menu

Other app features include:

  • District and school news, allowing the user to select which schools and district news feeds they want to subscribe to
  • Push notifications for the School/District to send out instant alerts to the user’s mobile device
  • Sports scores, schedules, and links to sports sites
  • Calendar information for schools and district events, including the ability to add events from school calendars to the user’s device calendar
  • A tip line tool for users to provide the District with suggestions, security issues and other important information
  • School and district directories and maps
  • Contact information for teachers, administrators, and other staff
  • Links to the School/District’s Facebook, Twitter & Blogger Sites
  • Superintendent updates with the latest communications from your District leaders