High School Summer Reading Program 2019-2020

Printable Version of West Genesee High School Summer Reading Brochure

The High School’s English Department sponsors an annual Summer Reading Program for students entering grades 9-12. The philosophy behind the program is simple: to encourage students to read more by introducing them to contemporary, pleasurable, yet worthwhile books in the hope that they will become lifelong readers. Each child is required to read one title from those listed under his upcoming grade level.

A committee of parents, students, and teachers has selected the list for each grade level. Effort has been made to address relevant issues in a responsible and thoughtful manner. Consideration has also been given to include books that offer a range of reading levels. It is our hope that this program will be a shared experience between students and parents. Therefore, it is highly recommended that parents assist their child in the selection of a book that is appropriate for him/her. Parents are encouraged to visit the West Genesee High School Library website for the lists, information about locating books, and access to book reviews.

The individual classroom English teacher will assign a quiz, project, or other activity on the books when the students return to class in September.

We advise that students take notes or keep a journal as they read so they can better recall information which will be reviewed and assessed in their respective English classes when they return to school in September.

Students enrolled in Advanced Placement English are required to complete their own summer reading assignments are exempt from participating in this reading program.

The books listed in this brochure:

  •  May be borrowed at any local public library.
  •  May be purchased online or at local bookstores.
  • May be downloaded in the form of eBooks and audiobooks from the WGHS Library-OverDrive.
    (see librarian for info)

We believe the Summer Reading Program is a positive learning experience for our children. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions related to the program, please call Wayne Ackles, Executive Principal, at the High School: (315) 487-4601.

If you have any trouble accessing the PDF documents on this page, please contact the Publications Office at publications@westgenesee.org or call (315) 487-2179.