High School Summer Reading List – Twelfth Grade

2019-2020 – West Genesee Central School District – going into 12th Grade Summer Reading List

Students entering grade 12 this fall are required to read at least one of the selections listed below.

The individual classroom English teacher will assign a quiz, project or other activity on the books when the students return to class in September.  We advise that students take notes or keep a journal as they read, so they can better recall information which will be reviewed and assessed in their respective English classes when they return to school in September.

The books listed on this page:

  • May be borrowed at any local public library.
  • May be purchased online or at local bookstores.
  • May be downloaded in the form of eBooks and audiobooks from the WGHS Library-OverDrive.

(see librarian for info)

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz Since he was little, the only parent Sal has known is his loving, adoptive father. As the novel opens, Sal, a senior in high school, uncharacteristically punches a classmate in the face for calling his father a derogatory name.  From that moment on, Sal begins to question everything about his life that has, until now, seemed to make sense.  Over the course of this moving coming-of-age novel, Sal’s friends, Sam and Fito, form a close bond and help him through this challenging time.  But Sam and Fito have problems of their own… Summer Reading The Inexplicable Logic of My Life Book Cover
Boy21 by Matthew Quick Finley McManus has always seen basketball as a distraction from the difficulties of his life and as a possible way out of the violence of his neighborhood.  In his senior year, Finley’s coach introduces him to Russ, a new boy in school with a tragic past.  However, befriending Russ proves to be more difficult than Finley expected.  At first, Finley thinks he and Russ could not be more different.  Russ rarely speaks, only answers to the name Boy21, and has an intense obsession with outer space.  As the school year goes on, Finley and Russ form an unlikely friendship that may change both their lives. Summer Reading Boy 21 Book Cover
The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord Lucy Hansson is ready to have the summer of her life as a camp counselor at the Bible camp that her parents run.  However, things take a turn when her mom’s cancer returns, her boyfriend decides they should “take a break”, and her faith begins to waver.  To top it all off, she gets a camp counselor job at a camp across the lake for troubled youth.  Lucy is not sure why any of this is happening until some family secrets begin to surface.  What will Lucy do in the face of her biggest challenges yet? Summer Reading The Names they Gave Us Book Cover
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah  It is France in the year 1939.  The Nazis are very close to invading, and even though Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband as he heads for the front line, she doesn’t believe it.  Vianne’s story will pull you in as she has to make one choice after another to keep her family alive, especially when a German captain is assigned to live in her home.  To complicate this, her sister Isabelle becomes a member of the Resistance, giving Vianne even more reason to be troubled as her life is endangered over and over again.  This novel compellingly highlights the “women’s war” that is seldom told. Summer Reading The Nightingale Book Cover
Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco Have you ever felt shunned, ostracized, or rejected by classmates?  Most people have felt this way at some point in their high school career, but for Jodee Blanco it is a regular occurance.  Jodee writes the true story of how she was bullied, and even physically abused, from elementary school through high school.  Her memoir provides an honest look at what it means to be an outcast and the long term effects of being bullied. Summer Reading Please Stop Laughing at Me Book Cover

(Book Cover images are from Amazon.com )