HS Social Studies Links

A Quick and Easy Guide to Social Studies Web Sites

The Internet makes readily available social studies documents which at one time were accessible only after hours of exhaustive research. Now, with just a few clicks on your computer you can examine and enjoy rich historical primary sources, detailed economic statistics, and current political data.

This list contains those web sites which you will find both helpful and interesting as you complete various social studies assignments and projects during your junior and senior years. Our hope is that the sites will also be of use for college level work when you leave West Genesee.

No project of this type can possibly be complete because the web is dynamic and ever-changing. Nonetheless, the sites annotated here should provide excellent starting points as you launch research on a particular topic.

While the information is accurate and correct at the time of printing, all addresses are obviously subject to change.

Enjoy your journey into social studies cyberspace!

History Research

www.ourdocuments.gov  –  “100 Milestone Documents” including Federalist Papers, Washington’s First Inaugural, Louisiana Purchase Treaty, Jackson’s Indian Removal Speech, Monroe Doctrine just to name a few. Not all are yet available, Easy navigation.

http://www.ushmm.org  – Official site of the U.S. Holocaust Museum; excellent!

www.historymatters. gmu.edu –  Filled with links to historical topics. Designed for teachers But can be useful for students.

https://www.gilderlehrman.org – The Gilder Lerhrman Institute of American History contains resources that are easily accessed and are categorized by time period and topic.

www.loc.gov –  This site’s introduction states “American Memory is a gate- way to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site offers more than 7  million digital items from more than 100 collections.” Navigating the site takes some getting used to but the investment of time will be well worth it. For example, you may access the only known photograph of Lincoln at Gettysburg. There are also original copies of the Gettysburg Address to peruse. The collection is rich, indeed, and well worth the serious student’s time and attention. Fascinating film clips are also available.

loc.gov/collections – Library of Congress Digital Collections  Search millions of items in many formats. Explore a growing treasury of digitized materials.


www.Congress.org – An outstanding site which emphasizes current issues and pending legislation. Uses zip codes to customize information regarding elected officials from our area. Site is not sponsored by Congress itself.

www.senate.gov  – Official site

www.House.gov – Official site. These sites are all well done!

www.whitehouse.gov – Official site

www.civics-online.org –  Very nice site for both teachers and students; has links to all kinds of primary sources; functions as an online library.

www.townofcamillus.com – Our local government in action!

http://thomas.loc.gov – Sponsored by the Library of Congress, this site focuses on pending legislation. Congressional Record is included plus all kinds of legislation related information (e.g. hearings, committee reports, etc.)

www.cia.gov – Contains an excellent reference section plus related links www.firstgov.gov This official WEB portal is designed to be the “first click” access to the U.S. Government. It is a centralized source for information from local, state, and federal government agency web sites.

www.statelocalgov.netLinks to all fifty states, government information, agencies, and services.

www.syracuse.ny.us –  Official site for the city of Syracuse

Presidential Libraries

Special Note: The presidential libraries offer an incredible treasure chest of resources for the serious history student. In each case the formats are appealing, easy to navigate, and just downright interesting. The Kennedy library, for example, makes available speeches, press conferences, photographs, etc. Over 30 speeches and press conferences are also available in recorded format, so you can hear Kennedy’s voice over your computer’s speaker system as you read his speech. The 1960 debates are also featured. These are super sites…enjoy them! [We have listed alphabetically.]














Web Sites for Economic Information

http://rfe.org –  Edited by Bill Goffe at SUNY Oswego, this amazing site lists and links over 1300 economic resources. The site is comprehensive, well organized and easy to navigate. Caution: Be sure to follow the directions. Use the “Abridged Table of Contents.” This site links to all twelve Federal Reserve  Banks. Everything you need is here!

https://www.bea.gov – Every economic statistic you would ever want to know is  available at this Bureau of Economic Analysis site in an  easy to navigate format.

https://www.frbsf.org/education/teacher-resources/american-currency-exhibit – Contains a beautiful “History of Currency” display.

https://www.federalreserveeducation.org – This easy to navigate site includes “Ask Dr. Econ” plus links to all twelve Federal Reserve Bank Sites.

https://www.federalreserve.gov –  An outstanding site with comprehensive information, links to related sites, plus an easy navigation system. Extremely well organized.

https://www.nyse.com/index –  Fantastic site with everything you ever wanted to know about the New York Stock Exchange.

http://www.italladdsup.org –  Interactive games for young adults focusing on car buying, savings and investing, paying for college, and credit cards. Practical, useful, and fun economics.

http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com –  Great for quick quotes on stock prices

https://finance.yahoo.com – Great site for financial data and personal money management.

https://www.nyse.com/markets/nyse-american – The official site of the American Stock Exchange.

http://www.nasdaq.com – The official site of this “over the counter” market. All you ever wanted to know and more!

http://www.bep.treas.gov – The official site of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing  contains all kinds of information about our currency;  presentation is superb.

http://www.themint.org – Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual, the emphasis here is on financial management.