Middle School Summer Reading List – Sixth Grade

Printable Version of 6th Grade Summer Reading List

2021 – West Genesee Central School District – going into 6th Grade Summer Reading List

The Contract / Derek Jeter In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a young Derek Jeter, who dreams of playing for the New York Yankees, learns what it takes to be a champion on and off the field. The author’s note states the story is “based on some of my experiences growing up and playing baseball.”  (Sports fiction) Book Cover for The Contract
Hideout / Watt Key Sam, the son of a Mississippi policeman, finds a mysterious boy hiding deep in the woods and tries to lend a hand without giving away his secret. Sam quickly realizes that the boy might be in serious danger and has to find a way to help out before it’s too late. (Adventure) Hide Out Book Cover
Loot: How to steal a Fortune / Jude Watson One foggy night in Amsterdam, the world-famous cat burglar Alfie McQuinn falls from a rooftop. His son March was with him and hears his final words, which March thought were, “find jewels.” When he meets Jules, his long-lost twin sister, he realizes that his father’s words had much more meaning than just a stash of gems. (Mystery) Book Cover for Loot
A Night Divided / Jennifer A. Nielsen When the Berlin Wall went up, Gerta, her mother, and her brother Fritz are trapped in East Germany where they were living, while her father, and her other brother Dominic are in West Germany, separated by a high wall patrolled by guards with guns–four years later, now twelve, Gerta sees her father on a viewing platform on the western side and realizes he wants her to risk her life trying to tunnel to freedom.  (Historical fiction) Book Cover A Night Divided
Restart / Gordon Korman When Chase returns to middle school after falling off the roof and losing his memory, he learns that the person he was before the amnesia is not someone he likes. (Realistic fiction) MS Summer Reading Book Cover Restart
The Wild Robot/ Peter Brown Roz the robot discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island with no memory of where she is from or why she is there, and her only hope of survival is to try to learn about her new environment from the island’s hostile inhabitants. (Adventure) MS Summer Reading Book Cover The Wild Robot

These books may be purchased from the following companies, or your student can download and read on OverDrive/Sora, available through our District library subscription.

For information about OverDrive/Sora, contact the librarian in your student’s elementary school, or their middle school, using the links on the District website.

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