Adult Education/Driver’s Education

Adult Education

October 1, 2020 Update

In response to COVID-19, every available space in our school buildings including gyms, cafeterias, and libraries is being used for instruction of our K-12 student population. Unfortunately, this temporarily leaves little to no space available for our Adult Education classes. I am hopeful that we will be able to resume some of our most popular classes after the first of the year.

Driver’s Education Program

The Fall session of Driver’s Education is full. Please check back for updates as we plan registration for our upcoming Janaury and March sessions.
Great news! We have received updated guidance from NYS as it relates to our Driver’s Education program and COVID-19.  In summary, the 24 hours of classroom instruction may be completed remotely by a credentialed teacher and the 24 hours of in-vehicle portion now has the option of being completed under the supervision of a parent/guardian holding a valid NY State Driver’s License. Guidelines and a parent log will be provided.