All Aboard! West Genesee High School presents…Anything Goes 

JWGHS Musical Anything Goes Poster oin us for a February cruise aboard the SS American sailing as West Genesee High School students present the musical Anything Goes at the high school auditorium. Shows are Thursday, February 8 and Friday, February 9, at 7:00 p.m., and Saturday, February 10 at 2:00 p.m. The ship sets sail from West Genesee High School and takes us on an adventure to England and… Anything Goes.

This Cole Porter masterpiece is a colorful assemblage of passengers including Reno Sweeney (Micayla McDougall) a popular nightclub singer and former evangelist, her pal Billy Crocker (David Pinker) a lovelorn Wall Street broker who comes aboard to try to win the favor of his beloved Hope Harcourt (Allie Leonard) who is engaged to another passenger, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (Matthew Aldinger). Second-rate con-man, Moonface Martin, aka “Public Enemy #13” (Matt Cabilis) and his sidekick, Erma (Emily Augello) are also on board. Song, dance, and farcical antics ensue as Reno and Moonface try to help Billy win the love of his life while avoiding the clutches of a bombastic boss, Elisha Whitney (David Pugh), and an overbearing mother, Evangeline Harcourt (Emma Flaherty). Anything Goes will leave you laughing and dancing out of your seats.  The complete list of cast, pit orchestra, and crew can be found below.

The musical is directed by Kristyn Sperduti, produced by Andrea Scerbo, choreographed by Andrea Leigh- Smith.  Anthony Alvaro is the music director; William Mercer, Jr. is the lighting director; Matthew Makowiec is the technical director; Corey Hobin is the Sound Director; and costumes have been designed by Cindy Kissane and Lisa Mason.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at or at the door. All seats are reserved and are $12.

WGHS Musical Anything Goes Cast
West Genesee spring 2018 musical “Anything Goes” Reno Sweeney (Micayla MacDougall) hits the deck with her entourage of sailors, Angels, and dancers. Names from left to right (standing): Lindsey Fiorelli, Leia Dombroske, Andrea Baule, Joshua Farrell, Michael Lychowid, Micayla MacDougall, Christopher Chaisson, Jenna Coots, Molly Channels, Emma Pinker, Natasha Skidmore, Madison Amodio Names from left to right (kneeling):Anna Kate Waters, Mark Salanger, Jaxson Schorer, Claire Rein, Natalie Scerbo, Grace Bugn, Laura Alvaro. (Photo by Dave Mason)

Cast List

Reno Sweeney:  Micayla MacDougall

Hope Harcourt:  Allison Leonard

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh:  Matthew Aldinger

Elisha Whitney:  David Pugh

Billy Crocker:  David Pinker

Moonface Martin:  Matthew Cabiles

Erma:  Emily Augello

Evangeline Harcourt:  Emma Flaherty

Luke:  Jason Loustaunau

John:  Evan Fairchild

Captain:  John “Henri” Youmans

Purser:  Ethan Dow

Fred the Bartender:  Jason Loustaunau

Rev. Henry T. Dobson:  Joseph Pelton

Reporter/Photographer:  Katherine Baldwin

Reporter #2:  Jairus Killings


Charity:  Kayla Capucilli

Purity: Emma Pinker

Chastity: Leia Dombroske

Virtue:  Natasha Skidmore

Angels (Featured Dance Ensemble)

Laura Alvaro,  Madison Amodio, Grace Bugin, Molly Channels, Jenna Coots, Lindsey Fiorelli, Claire Rein, Natalie Scerbo, and Anna Kate Waters

Featured Singers

Laura Alvaro,  Katherine Baldwin, Payton Bird, Cassidi Callaghan, Lindsey Cunningham, Evan Fairchild,  Jairus Killings, Claire Kitts, Sofia Magnante, Joanna Maressa, Abigail McGrath, Eleanor Moran, Elizabeth Morey, Holly O’Hern, Emily Quinn, Abigail Ray, Anna Kate Waters, and John “Henri” Youmans

Ensemble (Various Sailors, Passengers, Ship’s Crew, FBI Agents)

Laura Alvaro, Madison Amodio, Katherine Baldwin, Payton Bird, Grace Bugin, Cassidi Callaghan, Kayla Capucilli, Katelyn Channels, Molly Channels, Christopher Chiasson, Jenna Coots, Lindsey Cunningham, Zara Dafoe, Leia Dombroske, Aislinn Dow, Ethan Dow, Marissa Dow, Evan Fairchild, Joshua Farrell, Lindsey Fiorelli, Gavin Gonzalez, Annaliese Hays, Rose Hays, Melody Isbell, Hannah Jewell, Jairus Killings, Claire Kitts, Abbie Korzeniewski, Mitchell Kristoff, Kaliya Kritzer, Maison Lamanna, Maddie LeFevre, Jason Loustaunau, Michael Lychowid, Sofia Magnante, Joanna Maressa, Kara Matus, Abigail McGrath, Eleanor Moran, Elizabeth Morey, Holly O’Hern, Avery Paige, Emma Pinker, David Pugh, Emily Quinn, Abigail Ray, Victoria Reaume, Claire Rein, Sarah Reynolds, Mark Salanger, Natalie Scerbo, Jaxson Schorer, Natasha Skidmore, Ciarra Thompson, Amalia Traino, Anna Kate Waters, Abigail Weyant, and John “Henri” Youmans