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Dear West Genesee Families,

At this time of year there is excitement with holidays and perhaps a chance to spend more time with family. There is also a pace at school that includes events and opportunities for many. I would like to share with you reflections from my perspective and a few examples of West Genesee Pride.

Community Meetings

Thank you to those attending the “Coffee and Conversation” sessions relative to the proposed land acquisition that will be put to a public vote on December 11, 2023. It has been enjoyable to meet community members that I had not previously met and to engage in discussion on an important topic. The goal of each session is to provide information. At the end of each meeting, my thoughts continue to be that of healthy discourse, discussion, and even some disagreement that is done respectfully and appropriately. Aside from all else, that is how it is supposed to be!

Awed by our Students!

I continue to be impressed with our students in many different and important ways. In classrooms, at sports venues, at concerts, in supporting important causes, in caring about world events; our students are a source of pride for our community. It is important to not take that for granted. While some areas have acknowledgements such as Induction Ceremonies, All-League, All-State, Sectional Winners, and more, we must continue to celebrate the commitment and energy that our students bring to all areas.

School/Community Partnerships

The 15th Annual Camillus/West Genesee Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held on Saturday, November 11, 2023 at the Camillus Elks Lodge. Over 200 persons attended this wonderful recognition of individuals, teams, and groups that have impacted the sports history of our towns and schools. The stories of the past and the recognition of those honored was well-deserved and part of a legacy.

This is a special place. If you have witnessed places other than West Genesee, you should know that the partnership between school and community here is unique. Thank you to the Camillus/West Genesee Sports Hall of Fame Committee and congratulations to the recent inductees and their families who represent them. Honored were Danny Ryan, Jack Gibbons, Michael Mallore, the 2010 WG Ice Hockey Team, and the Camillus Winter Sports Association.

Lifelong Learning

Also an example of school and community is that of the Camillus Community Band. This concert band has been in existence since March 2017 and held a concert earlier this week entitled “Autumn Notes”. This group is comprised of adult musicians, including many former Wildcats. It is impressive to see these well-trained musicians who continue to keep this in their lives well after their school careers. It is the very definition of “lifelong learning” and is something we seek for all areas; investments in the future and helping to support well-rounded citizens.

For me, it’s also just a chance to play!

Enjoy this edition of the E-Newsletter that is filled with so many examples of accomplishments of our students and staff. This is a special place!

David C. Bills. Superintendent of Schools