Artists from West Genesee Recognized at Scholastic Art Competition

Twenty-one West Genesee students received a total of thirty-three awards in the 2019 Scholastic Art Awards Competition. The students, along with their award, school, grade level, art category, and titles are listed below.

The West Genesee artists are students of John Capria, Bill Haining, Mike LaFay, and Jennifer Schrader at the high school; and Gigina Long at WGMS. The students are in grades 8-12.

All Gold Key and Special Award winners will be recognized individually on stage at the 2019 Award Ceremony. Silver Key and Honorable Mention recipients will be invited to the ceremony and recognized as a group.

The Award Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 in the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College.

All Gold Key winners will be sent to the national competition in New York City. National medal winners are announced in early March.

The event is sponsored by M&T Bank and hosted by Onondaga Community College.

Collage of Gold Key Scholastic Art for 2019Gold Key

  • Gabrielle Mitchell-WGHS 10th Grade-Digital Art-Iron and Ichor
  • MacKenzie Burdick-WGHS 11th Grade-Drawing and Illustration-Pen and Ink Techniques Landscape
  • Maison Lamanna-WGHS 11th Grade-Drawing and Illustration-A Different Perspective
  • Elyssia Baez-WGHS 12th Grade-Painting-Just Add Water
  • Noel Barber-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Between the Lines
  • Marissa Dow-WGHS 12th Grade-Ceramics & Glass-Bleached Coral
  • Nina Kishova-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Sunday Morning

Silver Key

  • Coralista Ruge-WGMS 8th Grade-Comic Art-Finding Inspiration
  • Kayla Daniul-WGHS 10th Grade-Ceramics & Glass-Flower Tile
  • Elyssia Baez-WGHS 12th Grade-Drawing and Illustration-Sweet Tooth
  • Noel Barber-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Between the Seasons
  • Andrew DeSellems-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Life Saver
  • Olivia Misciagna-WGHS 12th Grade-Painting-Heat Exhaustion
  • Zachary Mondello (2)-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-The Buffalo/The Bull Whip
  • Mi Tran-WGHS 12th Grade-Art Portfolio-Real and Spirit World
  • Camille Watts-WGHS 12th Grade-Art Portfolio-Fashion

Honorable Mention

  • Gabrielle Mitchell (2)-WGHS 10th Grade-Photography –Fireflies/ Digital Art-Maddy
  • Ashley Arlukiewicz-WGHS 11th Grade-Digital Art-Your Words Reflect on Me
  • Hailey Kremenek-WGHS 11th Grade-Painting-Stigmata
  • Elyssia Baez-WGHS 12th Grade-Drawing and Illustration-A Different Kind of Mirror
  • Noel Barber-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Book Smart
  • Andrew DeSellems-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Ring of Fire
  • Greta Hahn-WGHS 12th Grade-Painting-Composition Z Minus
  • Mikaela Kaminski-WGHS 12th Grade-Ceramics & Glass-Plate
  • Gina Neri (2)-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Gate to HellLost Civilization
  • Ian Payne -WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Old Recipes
  • Chloe Soltys-WGHS 12th Grade-Photography-Walk the Line
  • Camille Watts (3)-WGHS 12th Grade-Art Portfolio-Black-and-White Portraiture/Photography (2)-Noir 1950, Tiffany’s