July 2, 2018 Reorganizational Meeting Agenda



I. Administration of Oath of Office

Clerk of the Board, Mr. Pelton, will open the meeting and then conduct the pledge of allegiance.

The first order of business will be the swearing in of Board Members, Kimberly Coyne, Vladimiro Hart-Zavoli, Joseph Simon, and Barbara Wells. Mr. Pelton will administer the Oath of Office to them.

II. Election of Board President

Mr. Pelton will conduct the election for the Office of President of the Board of Education. Upon election, the President will be sworn in by Mr. Pelton and conduct the rest of the meeting.

III. Election of Board Vice-President

The new Board President will then conduct the election for the Office of Vice-President of the Board of Education. Upon election, the Vice-President will be sworn in by Mr. Pelton.

IV. Appointment of District Officers

It is recommended that the following individuals be appointed to the indicated District Office positions for the 2018-2019 school year:

Position Recommended Person
District Clerk-Paul Pelton
Acting District Clerk-David Cirillo / Brian Kesel
District Treasurer-Barbara Schmidt
Deputy District Treasurer-Scott Bartowski
Internal Claims Auditor-Jennifer Provost
Deputy Internal Claims Auditor-Lisa DeSantis
Tax Collector – Elbridge Dawn Wood
Medicaid Compliance Officer-Susan Murray

V. Other District Personnel/Appointments

A. It is recommended that the following individuals/firms be appointed to the indicated District office positions:

Position Recommended Person and/or Firm

Asbestos Designee-Kenneth Coon
Central Treasurer – Extra-Classroom Activity Account-Barbara Schmidt
Chemical Hygiene-David Cirillo
District Auditor-Insero & Co., CPA’s, LLP.
Freedom of Information Officer-Paul Pelton
Internal Auditor-EFPR Group
Records Management Officer-Paul Pelton
School District Attorneys-Ferrara, Fiorenza, Larrison, Barrett, Reitz
O’Hara & O’Connell
Trespasz & Marquardt, LLP
Third Party Administrator -District Benefit Plan Benefit Resource, Inc.
Worker’s Compensation and Cooperative Health Fund District Representative-Paul Pelton
Appointing Officer- * David Cirillo

* As it relates to filing charges, conducting hearings, and appointing hearing officers only under Section 75 of the Civil Service Law.

VI. Designations

A. It is recommended that the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Eagle Observer be designated the school district’s official newspapers.

B. It is recommended that the following banks be designated as the school district’s official depositories:

M&T Bank
Special Aid Fund – Checking
General Fund – Money Market
Activity Fund
Capital Fund
School Lunch Fund
Reserve Funds
Non-Expendable Trust Funds

JP Morgan-Chase Bank
General Fund – Checking
– Money Market
Expendable Trust Funds
Trust and Agency Funds

VII. Authorizations

A. It is recommended that the Superintendent of Schools be authorized to certify the school district’s payrolls.

B. It is recommended that Barbara Schmidt be authorized as the school district’s purchasing agent.

C. It is recommended that the Superintendent of Schools be authorized to approve attendance at all conferences, conventions, and workshops that cost less than $500.00.

D. It is recommended that the following petty cash funds be authorized for 2018-19:

General Fund Petty Cash Custodian
West Genesee High Shannon Coholan $ 100.00
West Genesee Middle Stephen Dunham 100.00
Camillus Middle Beth Lozier 100.00
Stonehedge Elementary Lori Keevil/Brent Suddaby 200.00
East Hill Elementary Lisa Craig 100.00
Onondaga Road Elementary Jeannette Clark 100.00
Split Rock Elementary Todd Freeman 100.00
District Office Barbara Schmidt 100.00
Transportation James Dark 50.00
Special Education Susan Murray 50.00
Maintenance Supervisor Kenneth Coon 100.00
Athletic Director Michael Burns 50.00
Technology Office William Roberge 50.00
Total General Fund $ 1,200.00

School Lunch Fund
Change setup for cash registers – Jean Campbell $ 250.00
Ten buildings – $25.00 each
Total School Lunch Fund $ 250.00

VII. Authorizations

E. It is recommended that the District Treasurer be authorized to use a facsimile and digital signature for the signing of district checks.

F. It is recommended that the Superintendent of Schools be authorized to approve all budget transfers that do not exceed $5,000.

G. It is recommended that the Superintendent of Schools be authorized to make temporary personnel and impartial hearing officer appointments pending formal Board of Education approval at the next regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting.

VIII. Bonding of Personnel

A. It is recommended that the following personnel be bonded as specified:

Position Employee Amount

District Treasurer
Barbara Schmidt
$ 4,100,000

Deputy District Treasurer Scott Bartowski 4,100,000

Central Treasurer – Extra Classroom Activities Barbara Schmidt 600,000

Tax Collector – Elbridge Dawn Wood 1,600,000

Note: All district employees are bonded in the amount of $600,000 under our current policy.

IX. Other Items

A. It is recommended that the stipulated annual disclosure of outside business interests of District Administrators and Board of Education Members be filed with the District Clerk.

B. It is recommended that the Regular Meetings of the Board of Education, for the 2018-2019 school year, be held at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library, as stipulated.

DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS 2018-19 (actual statements in BOE file)

Board of Education:

Eric Bacon
Kimberly Coyne
Karen Fruscello
Vladimiro Hart-Zavoli
Roberta Herron
Shawn Mitchell
Joseph Simon
Barbara Wells
Neil Widrick

Administrative Staff:

Eugene Bobey Jr.
Christopher Brown
Michael Burns
David Cirillo
Jeannette Clark
Shannon Coholan
Kenneth Coon
Lisa Craig
James Dark
William Davern
Stephen Dunham
Sean Fahey
Todd Freeman
Lori Keevil
Brian Kesel
Tracy Klefbeck
Robert Leo
Beth Lozier
Michael McGrath
Susan Murray
Paul Pelton
William Roberge
Barbara Schmidt
Brent Suddaby
Thomas Vaughan
Maura White

West Genesee Central School District
BOARD OF EDUCATION Meeting Dates 2018 – 2019

  • Monday, July 2
  • Wednesday, August 1
  • Wednesday, August 22
  • Wednesday, September 5
  • Wednesday, September 19
  • Wednesday, October 3
  • Wednesday, October 17
  • Wednesday, November 7
  • Wednesday, December 5
  • Wednesday, December 19
  • Wednesday, January 16
  • Wednesday, January 23
  • Wednesday, February 6
  • Wednesday, March 6
  • Wednesday, March 20
  • Wednesday, April 3
  • Wednesday, May 1
  • Wednesday, May 15
  • Wednesday, June 5
  • Wednesday, June 19 (HS LGI Room)

*Please note: Meetings start 7:00 p.m. in the West Genesee High School Library