7000 – Facilities Development – Facilities Development Goals


A quality educational program can best function in an environment that is conducive to learning and provides a safe and comfortable place for students and staff.

Accordingly, the Board of Education establishes the following goals for facilities development:

  1. developing a long-range planning and improvement program;
  2. providing the facilities needed to serve all students in the district;
  3. providing facilities and equipment that will best support and accommodate the needs of a quality educational program;
  4. designing and constructing all facilities with particular attention to safety, security and appropriate lighting, heating, ventilation, acoustics, spatial factors, aesthetic appearance, and technology infrastructure.
  5. planning for flexible and adaptable school spaces in order to best accommodate present and future needs for instructional areas; and
  6. considering the adaptability of school facilities to community use.

Update Presentation: 4/4/90
First Vote: 4/11/90
Second Vote: 5/2/90