2000 Board Operational Goals

School Board Governance and Operations

Board Operational Goals

The members of the Board of Education of the West Genesee Central School District establish the following to be the purpose and function of this Board:

  1. To operate an effective school system which will provide formal education to all school age children of the district.
  2. To provide buildings, equipment, materials, administrative staff, teaching staff,
    and support personnel necessary for the operation of an effective school system
  3. To provide a fair taxation program which will balance the ability of the community to finance with the educational needs of the children.
  4. To know in detail at all times the financial status of the district.
  5. To prevent at all times erosion of the power of local control of the district.
  6. To pass and establish policy for all operations of the school district which will
    maintain a working balance with the powers of the Superintendent to administer and develop proper regulations.

Presentation: 9/1/87

First Vote: 9/15/87

Second Vote: 10/20/87