2160 – School Board Code of Ethics

School Board Governance and Operations

School Board Legal Status

School Board Code of Ethics

The Board of Education recognizes that sound, ethical standards of conduct serve to increase the effectiveness of school board members and their staff as educational leaders in their community. Actions based on an ethical code of conduct promote public confidence and the attainment of district goals. The Board also recognizes its obligation to set forth a code of ethics under the provisions of the General Municipal Law.

The Board, therefore, adopts the following:

  1. To observe and enforce state laws and regulations pertaining to education.
  2. To accept office as a board member as a means of unselfish service.
  3. To transact school business only in regular sessions.
  4. To represent the entire community without fear or favor.
  5. To remember at all times that they is one of a team.
  6. To accept all Board decisions once they are made and assist in carrying them
    out effectively.
  7. To delegate action to the chief school administrator as the board executive and to confine Board action to policy making, planning, and appraisal.
  8. To employ only competent, trained personnel considering the recommendation of the chief school administrator.
  9. To preserve the right and obligation of teachers to teach controversial issues
    fairly and without bias.
  10. To file an Annual Disclosure of outside business interests with the District

Update Presentation: 5/6/09

First Vote: 5/20/09

Second Vote: 6/3/09