2220 – Board Officers

School Board Governance and Operations

Organization of the Board

Board Officers

The president shall be the presiding officer at all Board functions. His/her main duties shall be the following:

  1. Preside at all regularly scheduled and special meetings.
  2. Serve as primary spokesperson for presenting the views of the Board.
  3. Serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
  4. Make all committee appointments, including selection of the chairperson.
  5. Call all special meetings, establishing time, place, and purpose when necessary.
  6. Execute over their signature all documents required by the Laws of the State of New York. Unless specifically permitted by the statutes, the Board President shall not execute any document unless same has been
    previously authorized by the Board.
  7. Authorize the vice president to act in President’s stead.
  8. Inform Board members of correspondence and issues brought to President’s

The vice-president shall be authorized to engage in all the above duties in the absence of the president.

If both the president and the vice-president are absent, the Board shall elect from their number a president pro tempore to serve at that meeting only.

Update Presentation: 8/19/98

First Vote: 9/2/98

Second Vote: 9/16/98