2232 – Role of the Treasurer

School Board Governance and Operations

Organization of the Board

Role of the Treasurer

At its annual organizational meeting, the Board will appoint a school district treasurer. The Board sets the term of service and compensation for the Treasurer.

Duties of the Treasurer

  1. To act as custodian of all moneys belonging to the district;
  2. To receive all moneys belonging to the district;
  3. To deposit moneys received in banks designated by the Board of Education;
  4. To give a bond in such sum as shall be required before entering on the duties of the office;
  5. To pay out district moneys on written order of officers of the Board of Education;
  6. To give detailed accounts of moneys received and disbursed.

Authority to sign checks

  1. Payroll-treasurer. Moneys shall be disbursed for services of employees on
    signature of the treasurer, by checks payable to the person entitled thereto.
  2. Checks issued in payment of approved general fund bills will require only the
    single signature of the District Treasurer. Use of a digital signature is authorized.

Update Presentation: 3/18/15
First Vote: 4/1/15
Second Vote: 4/15/15