2321 – Annual and Special School District Meetings

School Board Governance and Operations

School Board Meetings

Annual and Special School District Meetings

  1. Pursuant to Section 2035(1) of the New York State Education Law, voting
    machines shall be used for recording the vote at all annual and special school
    district meetings and elections.
  2. The purpose of the annual meeting and election is to allow qualified voters
    residing in the school district to vote on the school district’s budget for the
    upcoming school year and to elect candidates to fill any vacancies on the Board of Education (Subsections 2022(1), 2601-a(2), 2602(1).
  3. The rules for submitting questions or propositions for the purpose of preparing ballots for the voting machines are as follows:
    1. A verified petition signed by at least five percent of the number of those
      who voted in the previous annual election or 25 qualified voters, whichever
      is greater, shall be filed with the Board of Education at least sixty (60)
      days before the date upon which the vote will be taken, setting forth the
      proposition or question sought to be voted upon on that date.
      Said petition or petitions shall be approved or disapproved by the Board of
      Education. Upon such approval, the question or proposition contained in
      said petition shall be submitted to the school district’s legal counsel for
      approval as to form and legality. Said question or proposition may be
      changed in form provided the substance thereof is retained. The question
      or proposition shall then be placed upon the voting machine for such
      annual meeting, special meeting, or election.
    2. The Board of Education, on its own motion, may submit questions or
      propositions for voter approval.
    3. A Library Board may request an appropriation proposition to be placed on
      the ballot at the annual meeting. The Board of Education must comply
      with the request.
  4. District residents shall be notified of the aforesaid rules in an appropriate manner on a timely basis.
  5. In the event that voting machines are not available or inoperable, paper balloting may be used to record the votes.

Update Presentation: 5/5/99

First Vote: 5/19/99

Second Vote: 6/2/99