2342 – Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

School Board Governance and Operations

School Board Meetings

Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

The preparation of the agenda shall be the responsibility of the superintendent with the approval of the Board President.

Any Board member may have a matter placed on the agenda of a meeting by
submitting such to either the Board President or the superintendent, in writing, at least seven school days prior to the meeting.

The agenda, together with appropriate materials, shall be distributed to Board members and designated staff at least two days in advance of the scheduled meeting, if at all possible, to allow time to give items of business careful consideration. At the Board of Education Meetings, the agenda shall be made available to the members of the news media, the public, students, and parents.

Any items added to the agenda after it has been disseminated to Board members shall be announced at the commencement of the Board meeting. Such may be excluded by majority vote of the Board members present.

Update Presentation: 2/1/95

First Vote: 2/15/95

Second Vote: 3/1/95