4510.1 – Instructional Technology


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Instructional Technology

The Board of Education endorses a comprehensive approach of Technology-Assisted Instruction. The Board recognizes the importance of utilizing various forms of instructional technology in the design, implementation and evaluation of an effective learning environment. Technology includes, but is not limited to telephones, computers, the network, printers, and audio-visual equipment. Further, the Board recognizes that technology will evolve and change and it is the desire of the District to maintain a policy which takes advantage of the benefits gained from each major advancement in
instructional technology, while ensuring that it continues to serve the larger goals, objectives, and policies of the District.

To this end, the District will develop and implement short and long-range technology plans for integration of instructional technology into the learning environment. Approved instructional technology plans will contain specific and measurable project milestones, and will include evaluation points after major milestones are complete. At these evaluation points, recommendations will be included concerning future direction of the plan or of other plans either related to or dependent upon it.

Update Presentation: 11/19/97

First Vote: 12/3/97 Vote:

Second: 12/17/97