4530 – Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents


Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents

The District recognizes that those parents with hearing impairments which prevent a meaningful participation in their child’s educational program must be afforded an opportunity to participate in meetings or activities pertaining to the academic and/or disciplinary aspects of their child’s education. Accordingly, the District will provide an interpreter for hearing impaired parents for school-initiated academic and/or disciplinary
meetings or activities including, but not limited to:

  • parent/teacher conferences
  • child/study or building-level team meetings
  • planning meetings with school counselors regarding educational progress
  • career planning
  • suspension hearings or other conferences with school officials relating to disciplinary actions

The District will provide an interpreter for the hearing impaired parent if a request for the service has been submitted to, and received by the building administrator within five days, where appropriate, prior to the scheduled meeting or activity. If an interpreter is unavailable, the District will then make other reasonable accommodations which are satisfactory to the parents (e.g., note taker, transcript, decoder, or telecommunication device for the deaf). These services will be made available by the District at no cost to the

Hearing impaired parents should request accommodation of their disability from the building administrator.

Presentation: 11/18/98

First Vote: 12/2/98

Second Vote: 12/16/98