5000/5000R – Student Policies- Student Policies Goals – Wellness


The Board of Education recognizes the children need access to nutritional foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to learn, grow, and thrive. Good health fosters school attendance and educational achievement. School district personnel, in partnership with parents, significantly influence the lifelong nutrition and physical activity habits of children.

The Board of Education, through its Wellness Committee, has established goals that are outlined in regulation 5000-R for the following areas:

  • Quality school meals
  • Nutrition education
  • Physical activity
  • Physical education
  • Other school based activities
  • Guidelines for other activities with food available

The Assistant Superintendent for Management Services or designee, Director of Physical Education & Athletics, and Building Principals are responsible for implementation and monitoring of the physical education program, nutrition, and physical activities to assure that the programs are implemented in accordance with these goals.

The Directors and Building Principals shall provide an annual report summarizing the activities of their building or department supporting the implementation of this policy. The report shall have recommendations for the continuance of successful initiatives.

Update Presentation: 3/5/14
First Vote: 3/19/14
Second Vote: 4/2/14


Goals for Quality School Meals

  • The district provides high quality, nutritious food choices that allow children to enjoy different foods and develop healthy eating patterns.
  • The school district encourages all students to participate in school meal programs.
  • The school district provides a clean, safe, enjoyable dining environment for students.
  • The school district provides drinking fountains in all buildings.

Goals for Nutrition Education

  • Students receive nutrition education that teaches the skills and attitudes they need to adopt healthy eating behaviors.
  • Students receive consistent nutritional messages throughout schools, classrooms, cafeterias, homes, community, and media.
  • The district’s health education curriculum includes physical education.

Goals for Physical Activity

  • Students are given opportunities for physical activity during the school day through physical education classes, daily recess periods for elementary school students, and the integration of physical activity into the core academic curriculum when possible.
  • Students are given opportunities for physical activity through a range of before and/or after school programs including, but not limited to intramurals, interscholastic athletics, and physical activity clubs.
  • School personnel encourage parents and guardians to support their children’s participation in physical activity, to be physically active role models, and to include physical activity in family events.

Goals for Physical Education

  • Students will receive physical education consistent with state and federal guidelines that define what students should do and be able to do.
  • Physical education classes will devote a significant amount of time to actual physical activity, with as much time as possible spent in moderate to vigorous activity.
  • Physical education classes will meet the needs of all students.
  • Physical education classes will encourage physical activity outside of class, emphasizing the importance of a lifetime of regular physical activity.

Goals for Other School Based Activity

  • The school district encourages that all school fundraising efforts are supportive of healthy eating.
  • The school district provides opportunities for professional development for food service staff and teachers in the areas of nutrition and physical activity.
  • The school district encourages parents, teachers, school administrators, support staff, and community members to serve as role models in practicing healthy eating and being physically active, both in school and at home.
  • The school district encourages all students and staff to participate in the school meal programs.

Goals for Other Activities with Food Available

  • The school district sets guidelines for foods and beverages in a la carte sales in the food service program.
  • The school district offers suggestions for the serving and sale of healthy food choices at all school events, including but not limited to, snacks during the school day, celebrations and meetings.
  • The use of food or beverages as a reward for academic performance or good behavior is discouraged.