5110 – School Attendance Areas

Student Policies
Student Attendance

School Attendance Areas

Attendance areas for the various schools of the district will be documented by the superintendent and approved by the Board. The primary considerations that govern the establishment of a school attendance area are school capacity and transportation. The following general guidelines will also apply:

  1. Attendance lines will be constructed on the basis of projected enrollment to achieve a balance within each school in relation to their capacity at the opening of the school year. Attendance areas will be reviewed annually, although the Board reserves the right to take action during the school year if necessary.
  2. In adjusting attendance lines, every effort will be made to assure that a child is not moved involuntarily more than once during his elementary school years.
  3. Children will attend the school in the attendance area in which they live in
    accordance with the zones approved by the Board unless exceptions are provided under the policy.

    1. Exceptions for babysitters residing in a different attendance area will be considered annually if the following conditions are present:
      1. Student enrollment will not result in overcrowding of school or grade level.
      2. Transportation will not result in overcrowding of buses and/or incur additional costs.
      3. Residence of babysitter must be in attendance area for which transportation is already provided.

Update Presentation: 1/20/99
First Vote: 2/3/99
Second Vote: 2/17/99