5220-Programs-Student Publications

Student Policies

Cocurricular and Extracurricular Programs

Student Publications

The Board of Education supports and encourages student publications as integral parts of the district’s educational program and as means of communicating within the school community.

School journalists working with the Board-appointed advisors may report on and editorialize about controversial and crucial events in the school, community, nation, and world. Expressions of personal opinion must be clearly identified as such, and bear the name of the author. School editors and writers must observe the same legal and ethical responsibilities as those assumed by and imposed upon conventional newspapers and news media. Thus, school journalists must refrain from publication of material which:

  1. is obscene, according to current legal definitions;
  2. is libelous, according to current legal definitions;
  3. creates a clear and present danger to the orderly conduct of the school.

The Board-appointed advisor shall review all student publications prior to publication to ensure that the above standards are met.

Students who edit, publish, or distribute handwritten, printed, or duplicated matter among their fellow students within the schools must assume responsibility for the content of such publications. Those persons responsible for student publications must provide opportunity for the expression of opinions different from their own.

School district officials may impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of distribution of student publications to avoid interference with or disruption of the educational process.

Presentation: 12/6/89
First Vote: 12/20/89
Second Vote: 1/3/90