5280.1 Student Policies – CoCurricular and Extracurricular Programs – Marching Band

Marching Band

Marching band is a cocurricular activity intended to promote the musical knowledge, aesthetic experiences, and personal growth of each student in the organization. The program offers a continuation of the Fine arts curriculum, providing secondary students with an understanding of music and performance as an art.

Student eligibility for participation in Marching band shall include:

  1. participation in a curricular music performance group (for wind and
    percussion students);
  2. attendance at band camp, rehearsals, and performances as specified by
    the Band Director;
  3. adherence to the Code of Conduct.

Presentation: 1/2/03
First Vote: 1/15/03
Second Vote: 2/5/03


STUDENT NAME (PRINT)_________________________________________ GRADE_____________

Dear Parent/Guardian of “Wildcat” Marching Band member :

Participation in the West Genesee “Wildcat” Marching Band is a privilege which should elicit great pride in you, your family and your school. A willingness to abide by our regulations and behave as a good citizen is necessary for the success of our band members and our band program.

Every band member is required to sign this statement of personal commitment. The student signature signifies a willingness to set a positive example, adhere to basic concepts of good citizenship, and follow proper band practices. The parent signature acknowledges the commitment of the band member.


A firm and fair policy of enforcement is necessary to uphold the regulations and standards of the band program. The community, school administrators, and staff feel strongly that high standards of conduct and citizenship are essential to maintaining a sound program.

All band members shall abide by a code of ethics that will earn them the honor and respect that participation and competition provides through New York State Field Band Conference activities. Acts of unacceptable conduct, such as, but not limited to, theft, vandalism, hazing, disrespect, immorality, insubordination, or violations of law, tarnish the integrity of everyone associated with the band and will not be tolerated.

Violation of this band code will result in either restriction from participation, a suspension for a period of time, or a loss of eligibility depending on the severity of the infraction. The Fine Arts Director may convene a meeting of the Band Director, the Fine Arts Director and Principal to determine the appropriate penalty.


  • The use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and tobacco are considered health hazards and are detrimental to any member’s physical and mental well being. Such use will result in the student being dropped from the band for the remainder of the season including local, regional, state, and national championship competitions.
  • Attendance at practice is essential to develop the necessary skills for success. All requests to be excused from rehearsal sessions must be submitted to the Director before the practice for which the request is made.
  • Band members absent from school may not rehearse or play the day such absence occurs. Exceptions to this rule can be made only by the school principal or designee. Frequent or excessive tardiness may result in the same penalty.

Enforcement Dates: First Day of band camp through final marching band performing event of the season
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Rev. 7/1/05