5311 Student Policies – Student Conduct – Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

1. Students shall have the right to participate in the curricular and extracurricular programs and services provided as warranted by the student’s needs, abilities, and interests. No student’s rights to attend school or to participate in school programs shall be suspended except for sufficient cause as determined in accordance with applicable law and school district policy.

2. In disciplinary situations, students shall have the opportunity to present their version of the facts and circumstances, and will not be suspended unless their rights to due process, as identified in Education Law 3214, have been observed. Building principals may suspend a student for a period of up to five days. In cases of this type, the principal conducts an informal hearing with the student and other individuals who may have information concerning the situation. When a suspension is imposed, the student and parent(s)/guardian are notified and a written record of the case is made.

3. If a suspension of more than five days is being considered, the building principal will recommend that a hearing be held. The student and parents or guardian will be notified of the time and place of the hearing. At the hearing, conducted by the Superintendent of Schools or designee, the student will have the following rights: to examine evidence and question witnesses; to present evidence and witnesses; and to be represented by counsel. A record of the hearing is made by stenographic transcript or by tape recording. The superintendent will make a decision regarding suspension based on the information presented at the hearing. An appeal of the superintendent’s decision can be made by the student to the Board of Education.

4. Students shall have the right to a safe, healthy, orderly, and courteous school environment.

5. Students shall not be tardy to or absent from school or any classes except when properly excused.

6. Students shall refrain from conduct that threatens the safety or health of
themselves or others, that disrupts the orderly administration of the school, or that is discourteous to other students, teachers, or other members of the school staff.

Update Presentation: 4/4/90
First Vote: 4/11/90
Second Vote: 5/2/90