5313.3 Student Policies – Student Conduct – Penalties – Suspension and Expulsion

Suspension and Expulsion

The Superintendent of Schools may suspend a student charged with a violation pending determination of the offense whenever, in the Superintendent’s judgment, the continued presence of such student would constitute a clear danger to the safety, morale, health, or welfare of the student or other persons, or property on the premises of the school. A
student may also be suspended if the student would pose an immediate threat of disruptive interference with the normal conduct of the school’s activities and functions. In cases involving suspension for longer than five (5) days, the chief administrative officer or designee shall, upon responsible notice, grant a hearing with respect to the basis for such suspension. Students with disabilities will be suspended in accordance with the
procedures established under applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Ref: Education Law 3214
5311, Student Rights and Responsibilities

Update Presentation: 12/19/01
First Vote: 1/2/02
Second Vote: 1/16/02