5314 Student Policies – Student Conduct – Corporal Punishment/Emergency Interventions

Corporal Punishment / Emergency Interventions

Corporal punishment as a means of discipline shall not be used against a student by any teacher, administrator, officer, employee, or agent of this School District.

However, in situations in which alternative procedures and methods not involving the use of physical force do not work, then the use of emergency interventions / reasonable physical force may be employed for the following purposes:

a) To protect oneself from physical injury.
b) To protect another pupil or teacher or any other person from physical injury.
c) To protect the property of the school or others.
d) To restrain or remove a pupil whose behavior is interfering with the ordinary exercise and performance of school district functions, powers and duties, if that pupil has refused to comply with a request to refrain from further disruptive acts.

Such emergency interventions shall only be used in situations where alternative procedures and methods not involving the use of reasonable physical force cannot reasonably be employed. Emergency interventions shall not be used as a punishment or as a substitute for systematic behavioral interventions that are designed to change, replace, modify or eliminate a targeted behavior.

Staff who may be called upon to implement emergency interventions will be provided appropriate training in safe and effective restraint procedures. The parent(s) of the student shall be notified whenever an emergency intervention is utilized.

No teacher or other employee is permitted to inflict an assault on any child or any other person.

Presentation: 2/1/17
First Vote: 2/15/17
Second Vote: 3/1/17