5420 Student Policies – Student Welfare – Student Health Services

Student Health Services

The Superintendent of Schools shall develop regulations governing student health services. Those regulations shall include the provision of all health services required by Law, procedures for the maintenance of health records, procedures for the administering of medication to students, and procedures for caring for students with lifethreatening allergies.

Update Presentation: 5/6/09
First Vote: 5/20/09
Second Vote: 6/3/09

Student Health Services Regulation

A. Immunization Guidelines

  1. West Genesee Central School District will be in compliance with the State
    of New York Department of Health recommendations with regard to
    Immunizations. As stated in the September 2004 CDC memorandum,
    “Schools throughout the state will comply with Section 2164(7) (a) of
    Public Health law related to immunization requirements for school entry.”
  2. Public Health law sections 2164(7)(a) requires that:
    a. No principal, teacher, owner or person in charge of a school shall
    permit any child to be admitted to such school, or to attend such
    school, in excess of fourteen days, without the certificate provided for
    in subdivision five of this section or some other acceptable evidence of
    the child’s immunization against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus,
    pertussis, mumps, measles, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B and where
    applicable, Haemophilus influenzae type b(Hib) and meningitis;
    provided, however, such fourteen day period may be extended to not
    more than thirty days for an individual student by the appropriate
    principal, teacher, owner or the person in charge where such student is
    transferring out of state or from another country can show a good faith
    effort to get the necessary certifications or other evidence of
  3. The Health office Nurse/staff will review all new entrants’ physical
    examinations and immunization records.
    a. If immunization records are incomplete, the Nurse will contact the
    parents/guardians by telephone and request completion of records.
    The nurse will review the expectation of DOH with regard to the
    fourteen day regulation.
    b. If the parents/guardians do not respond in 7 days, the Nurse will notify
    the Principal of the entrants’ who are not in compliance.
    c. The Nurse will send home a letter with a second request for
    immunization records.
    d. If after 14 days from the onset of the school year the immunization
    record is incomplete, the student will not be admitted to school. The
    parent/guardian will be notified by phone call and follow up letter.
  4. Upon receipt of complete immunization records, the student will be readmitted to school.
  5. West Genesee Central School District will follow the “School District
    Procedures for Implementing Requests for Religious Exemption to
    Immunization” as outlined by the NYS Department of Education.

B. Administering Medicines to Students in School

The administration of prescribed medication to a student during school hours is permitted only when the medication is necessary to allow the student to attend school or failure to administer the medication would seriously affect the student’s health.

The following guidelines will be observed:

  1. A written order from the physician in which he/she indicates the frequency
    and dosage of a prescribed medication. The order is necessary for all
    medication, over the counter as well as prescription drugs.
  2. Medication is to be in a container prepared by the pharmacist and properly
    labeled. Over the counter medication must be in original container.
  3. A written request from the parent to the school nurse to administer the
    medication as specified by the physician.
  4. The medication should be delivered to the school by the parent or
    responsible adult.

C. Student Medical Examinations

In accordance with section 903 of the State Education Law, each student shall have a physical examination given by the school doctor or family physician upon entrance to school at grades one, three, five, seven, nine, and eleven. Findings are to be kept on record. Forms can be obtained from the school nurse and are also available on the District Health Services page of the website.

D. Student with Life-Threatening Allergies

Susceptibility to anaphylactic reactions is on the rise in our student population. Therefore, establishment of the following Anaphylaxis procedures and protocols at West Genesee School District is prudent:

  1. A procedure and treatment plan, including responsibilities for school
    nurses and other appropriate school personnel, for responding to
    anaphylaxis and/or other serious medical conditions;
  2. A training course for appropriate school personnel for preventing and
    responding to anaphylaxis and/or other serious medical conditions;
  3. A procedure and appropriate guidelines for the development of an
    individualized emergency health care plan for children at risk for
    anaphylaxis, or other serious medical conditions;
  4. A communication plan between the school building team and
    parent/guardian, the school nurse and the private health care provider,
    and the school nurse and building staff for intake and dissemination of
    information regarding children at risk for anaphylaxis or other serious
    medical conditions; and
  5. Strategies for the reduction of the risk within the school setting, such as
    reasonable efforts to control exposure to anaphylactic causative agents,
    including food and other allergens, or opportunities for management within
    the classroom, such as carrying medications or supplies and selfmedicating or testing.