6410 Fiscal Management – Depository of Funds – Authorized Signatures

Authorized Signatures

The Board of Education authorizes the single signature of the District Treasurer on all district checks for the payment of all salaries, bills, expenses, obligations, and liabilities of the district. In case of the Treasurer’s absence or inability to perform the Treasurer’s duties, the deputy Treasurer is authorized to sign in the Treasurer’s place. Extra-classroom activity checks shall be signed by both the Treasurer and the Building Principal responsible for the extra-curricular activity fund.

The Board authorizes the use of a digital signature to affix school district checks with the required signature. The device must be a recognized manufactured product with safeguards for the school district’s protection. The Treasurer has the responsibility of preventing unauthorized use of this device.

The Board authorizes the District Clerk, Treasurer, and/or President of the Board to sign such contracts, documents, papers, agreements, writings and other instruments in writing as are authorized by the Board or required by law to be executed.

In the absence or inability of the President of the Board to sign any of the above documents, the Vice-President of the Board is authorized to sign in the
President’s place.

Update Presentation: 3/18/15
First Vote: 4/1/15
Second Vote: 4/15/15