6610 Fiscal Management – Fiscal Accounting and Reporting – Accounting System

Accounting System

The district will use the Uniform System of Accounts for School Districts, a double-entry accounting system which is recommended by the New York State Education Department and the Department of Audit and Control. Accounts will reflect expenditures by fund, function, objects of expense coded in detail by program, and by school building location.

This standard accounting system may be supplemented by additional accounts or records that may be useful in yielding fiscal information that might enhance fiscal decision-making by the Board of Education.

The accounting system will:

  1. safeguard school district funds from loss, theft, waste or misuse;
  2. promote budgetary control;
  3. provide information that is necessary in policy formulation;
  4. provide information that is necessary to the public and the school system;
  5. provide necessary data for state reports; and
  6. show compliance with legal mandates.

Presentation: 3/7/90
First Vote: 3/21/90
Second Vote: 4/4/90