9135 Personnel and Negotiations – Staff Conduct – Suspected Child Abuse by District Personnel

Suspected Child Abuse by District Personnel


Pursuant to Education Law Section 3209-a and Title VI of Article Six of the Social Services Law, the Board of Education has developed a policy and guidelines to inform its employees of (i) their obligation to report suspected child abuse and maltreatment, (ii) the procedures by which they may do so, and (iii) training programs regarding these obligations and procedures.


In order to implement a comprehensive program of prevention of child abuse and maltreatment, all members of the District’s staff, including all instructional and noninstructional employees, shall be informed about (a) their duty to report suspected child abuse and maltreatment pursuant to applicable law, (b) the required reporting procedures, penalties for failure to report, and immunity from liability, (c) the responsibilities and organization of the Child Protective Service, (d) basic procedures of Family Court, and (e) training regarding these obligations and procedures as well as the diagnosis of child abuse and maltreatment. In addition, although applicable law does not impose a reporting obligation in connection with suspected incidents of child abuse involving District personnel, all District employees shall also be informed of the procedures to be followed in connection with any such incidents.

Designation of Authority

The Superintendent, or a designee, shall be responsible for enforcing this policy by communicating it to all relevant personnel and by providing necessary guidelines to the school personnel required to report cases of suspected child abuse and maltreatment.


All reports pertaining to the implementation of this policy and related guidelines shall be forwarded to the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee.


This policy shall be reviewed and amended as required by any changes in the law, promulgation of requirements by the Department of Social Services, or changes necessitated by the needs of the children residing in the District.

Cross Reference 5460 STUDENT POLICIES
Prevention and Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and

Presentation: 3/6/91
First Vote: 3/20/91
Second Vote: 4/3/91