9211.2 Personnel and Negotiations – Professional Staff – Incidental Teaching

Incidental Teaching

The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent of Schools to assign a teacher a subject not covered by the teacher’s certificate for up to five classroom hours a week when the Superintendent believes it is in the interest of the school district. In order to accomplish this, the Superintendent shall, pursuant to the regulations of the Commissioner of Education:

  1. determine that the teacher being assigned on an incidental basis has sufficient teaching experience and knowledge of the subject to teach it in a competent manner;
  2. submit a list of all teachers assigned on an incidental basis, including the course assigned and the certification area of the teacher so assigned, to the Board of Education at a public meeting by October 1 of each year. Assignments made after October 1 must be reported to the Board at the next regularly scheduled public Board meeting; and
  3. submit the same list to the State Education Department as part of the district’s annual Comprehensive Assessment Report.

In addition, the Superintendent shall ensure that the district informs parents about incidental teaching assignments by at least one of the following methods: public discussion at a Board meeting, publication in a newsletter, or posting letters to parents.

The information provided should include the teacher’s experience and knowledge of the subject matter so parents are aware of the teacher’s qualifications to teach the subject.

If a parent appeals an incidental teaching assignment, the appeals process shall begin with the filing of a written complaint with the Building Principal. If the complaint remains unresolved at this level, the complaint is appealable to the Superintendent. If still unresolved, the parent may appeal to the Board for a final determination. If the complaint concerns a particular teacher’s qualifications, the Board may meet in executive session to discuss the issue.

Presentation: 12/4/91
First Vote: 12/18/91
Second Vote: 1/8/92