1000 Community Relations – Goals


The Board of Education establishes these basic objectives of its community relations program:

  1. To continually work to earn the confidence of the community in the Board and the school district staff.
  1. To expand the public understanding of every aspect of the school system, and
    stimulate public interest in the schools.
  1. To facilitate the dissemination of information to the community concerning issues and activities in the schools.
  1. To ascertain the community’s opinions and desires with respect to the operations of the school system, and to consider that knowledge into its actions.
  1. To ensure, in partnership with the community, that each student attains the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to ensure life long learning and to become cooperative, self-directed, productive, caring citizens.

Update Presentation:  1/17/01
First Vote:  2/7/01
Second Vote:  2/21/01