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Foreign Exchange Students

The Board recognizes the educational values inherent in the District’s participation in a foreign exchange program.  Recognizing that foreign exchange programs enhance the educational experience, non-immigrant foreign exchange students who possess a valid J-1 or F-1 visa to study in the United States shall be admitted to the District’s high school. The Board retains the sole discretion to deny admission to any student not meeting all the requirements set forth in this policy and regulation

8 United States Code (USC) Chapter 12

Presentation: 4/21/21
First Vote: 5/5/21
Second Vote: 5/19/21




Foreign Exchange Students

The Board encourages district participation in a foreign exchange student program. Foreign exchange students will be admitted to the district high school for a one-year academic program.

  1. No foreign exchange students subject to this policy and regulation shall be brought into the district by a foreign exchange student program unless he or she has been accepted in writing as a student by the Superintendent or a designee. Exchange students will preferably be accepted before July 1st of the concurrent school year.
  2. The district recognizes only those organizations designated as “Exchange Visitor Programs” by the United States Information Agency, pursuant to federal regulations, as sponsoring organizations for the exchange of students. Any such organization must supply proof of designation prior to recognition.
  3. The district will accept no more than two foreign exchange students per accredited program per school year. No more than three (3) foreign exchange students will be accepted in a given school year.
  4. Students must arrive in West Genesee one week prior to the beginning of school for admission to the high school program in September. The educational program will be a one-year experience from September until June. Students will not be accepted after September 1.
  5. The sponsoring agency is required to provide a translated transcript of grades and courses from the home school which must be presented at the time of admission and must include health and immunization records from the home school. In addition, students must have had at least two years of high school English in their home country. Exchange students are not eligible for English as a New Language classes.
  6. The host parent and a representative of the organization must be present with the student during the registration process and the sponsoring agency must provide proof that the foreign exchange student is covered by a valid health insurance policy.
  7. Students will be made aware of and must agree to follow the District’s Code of Conduct.
  8. During the graduation ceremony, students will be issued Certificates of Achievement, if applicable.
  9. Exchange students must be 16 years of age by July 1 of the academic year of application and less than 19 years of age by June 30th.

The Board may terminate the approval of a foreign exchange student program when it would be in the best interests of the district to do so.