0000 Philosophy, Goals, And Objectives Educational Philosophy

Philosophy, Goals, And Objectives
Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of the West Genesee Central School District represents the beliefs about education that the Board of Education, staff, and the citizenry subscribe to and wholeheartedly support.

We believe in the worth and dignity of each student and in the development of their intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential.  Thus, we believe in an educational program that will help each student to achieve these potentials and to make educational, vocational, and personal choices during school and in later life.

We believe that a school district is an integral part of the community and is dependent upon the community for its existence.  The community has the responsibility to support its schools. The school district should, through its Board of Education and professional staff, provide educational vision and guidance for the community and for our society.

We believe in the American social, economic, and political system.  We believe the schools reflect and serve America, and that students in these schools should be committed to preserving and improving the world’s greatest experiment in self-government.

We believe that education is a life-long and continuous process, not beginning or ending with formal schooling.  Thus, resources should be utilized so that our students and our citizens can be perceptive and informed, and possess an understanding of social and technical problems, their causes and possibly their solutions.

Presentation: 9/1/87
First Vote: 9/15/87
Second Vote: 10/20/87