0200 Philosophy, Goals, And Objectives – School District Goals And Objectives

Philosophy, Goals, And Objectives
School District Goals And Objectives

In furtherance of its educational philosophy, the Board of Education hereby establishes the following objectives and goals:

1. to employ the best possible school staff, including both professional and support personnel;

2. to encourage the development of meaningful, interpersonal relationships among the students, the staff, and community;

3. to ensure that staff, students, and parents are afforded opportunities for meaningful participation in the development and evaluation of programs and policies;

4. to strive for maximum efficiency in the use of district resources to meet the goals and objectives of the various programs and services;

5. to ensure all students:

  1. develop skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics by developing skills in oral and written English to help communicate ideas effectively;
  2. learn how to examine and use information by using scientific methods and logical reasoning;
  3. develop a desire for learning now and in the future by encouraging intellectual curiosity and eagerness for lifelong learning;
  4. develop good character and self-respect by encouraging development of standards of personal character and ideals;
  5. develop pride in student’s achievements and progress and a feeling of self-worth;
  6. develop skills to enter a field of work;
  7. gain information needed to make job selections by developing an awareness of opportunities and requirements;

6. to promote the development of a true “community school” in services to the adult community.

Presentation: 10/4/89
First Vote: 10/18/89
Second Vote: 11/1/89