1500/1500-R/1500-E Public Use of School Facilities

Community Relations

Public Use of School Facilities

School facilities may be used for activities which are educational, cultural, social, recreational or civic in nature, primarily for the benefit of district residents and consistent with all applicable state laws. Any such use, however, shall not be deemed an endorsement of the activity or the purpose for which the facilities are used.

The superintendent shall designate individuals to schedule and issue permits for the use of school facilities and to ensure that economical and efficient use is made of the time and space available. It is the responsibility of the requesting agency to procure a building permit form from the respective school building principal or department director, and file it in the appropriate manner as outlined in Regulation 1500-R.

In addition to compliance with all applicable state laws, the District shall:

  1. Assure the protection of school property.
  2. Provide for the health and safety of all people involved in the activity.
  3. Establish guidelines to determine when a fee should be charged for an activity or the use of a school facility. (See Regulation 1500-R & Exhibit 1500-E)
  4. Provide fee schedules for when the use of a facility is to be charged to the user. (See Exhibit 1500-E)
  5. Require payment for any damage or loss, whether or not a fee for use has been charged.
  6. Require that the user maintain adequate insurance to protect the district as outlined in Regulation 1500-R.

All permits for the use of any school facility will be issued for specified hours and designate specific areas approved for use. The permits are non transferable and are restricted to the specified purposes for which issued. The superintendent may revoke any permit at any time. School functions, whether regularly scheduled or because of rescheduling shall take precedence over any use of facility permit, regardless of date of approval.

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Community Relations

Public Use of School Facilities

The following organizations or groups sponsored by these organizations shall be granted use of District facilities:

  1. District Operated Programs – This shall include all events and programs sponsored by the West Genesee Central School District.
  2. Governmental Agency – This shall include all town, village or county sponsored events and programs.
  3. Any tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization – This shall mean any not-for-profit organization that has been determined to be tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service.
  4. Organized groups of school employees may use the school buildings for meetings.

Process for Obtaining a Permit for Use of School Facilities

Outside Group/Agency Request (Governmental Agency, Tax –Exempt, Not-For-Profit)

  1. Any group that wishes to utilize the District Facilities shall obtain a Permit for Use of School Facilities from the building or department that oversees the facility or area that they are seeking to utilize as follows:
    • School Buildings – Building Principal
    • Athletic Facilities – Building Principal (Gymnasiums) & Athletic Director
    • Fine Arts Areas – Building Principal & Director of Fine Arts
    • Technology Facilities – Building Principal & Director of Technology
  2. The request by an outside group or agency shall include the following:
    1. A completed Permit for Use of School Facilities
    2. A Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage, naming the District an additional insured.
    3. Approval by the Building Principal and/or Department Director
  3. Permits that are complete shall be forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent for Management Services for review and approval. A Use of Facility request that requires the buildings to be open outside normal operating hours require approval by the Board of Education.
  4. Outside Groups and Agencies must abide by all other Board of Education policies when utilizing the District’s Facilities.
  5. All requests to utilize District facilities shall be submitted no later than four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled event whenever possible.
  6. When an application is submitted, the Superintendent of Schools, or his designee, has the right to request additional information including but not limited to the constitution of the organization, by-laws currently in effect, names of officers and a list of members.
  7. If a person and/or organization uses District Facilities without a permit or appropriate prior approval, that person and/or organization may be barred from future use of District Facilities, and be subjected to legal action, as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Additional Rules Regarding Use of Facilities

  1. The activity shall not extend beyond the hours approved in the request.
  2. The activity shall be restricted to the area for which permission is granted.
  3. The supervisor in charge of the activity shall be present before the activity begins and remain with the group until all attendees have left the facilities being used.
  4. The organization using the building shall be responsible for getting its equipment in and out of the building.
  5. Where rearrangement of District furniture and equipment is necessary, the organization shall get prior approval from the District.
  6. All rooms and/or equipment shall be left in the same condition as it was found.
  7. All programs shall be planned to have no impact on the instructional or extra-curricular programs of the District.
  8. In the absence of the Building Principal and/or Department Director, the custodian in charge will assume responsibility for the building.
  9. Rates for use of facilities will be outlined in Exhibit 1500-E. Additional charges for use of facilities as outlined in Exhibit 1500-E may be adjusted for any custodial overtime, kitchen labor, auditorium or technology technicians, lifeguards, security personnel and other site personnel and services as required.
  10. The Use of Facilities Fees must be paid one week prior to the scheduled event. Failure to do so will result in the event being cancelled.
  11. Additional charges will be billed within thirty (30) days of the completion of the event. Such billings must be paid within thirty (30) days. If not paid the organization will not receive further authorizations to utilize District facilities.
  12. Charges for any facility or equipment that is damaged will be charged at the actual cost of the damage repair or replacement cost whichever is necessary. Damaged property due to neglect or lack of supervision shall be means for revoking all future permits already approved or serve as a criteria to disallow future requests.
  13. The District reserves the right to waive the facility use fee for organizations affiliated with the District such as, but not limited to:
    1. Parent Teacher Organizations
    2. Parent Teacher Associations
    3. School-Related Booster Organizations
    4. Other Groups as approved by the BOE or its designee

Prohibited Activities and Equipment on the Track and Field Area

  1. Roller Blades
  2. Skate Boards
  3. Bicycles, Motorcycles or Unauthorized Motor Vehicles
  4. Golf Equipment
  5. Track Spikes
  6. Anything that can penetrate the track surface
  7. Baseball spikes or metal screw in spikes
  8. Javelins, shot puts, discus and archery equipment
  9. Oil or flammable material
  10. Paints or stains
  11. Animals, except for service animals
  12. Food & drink
  13. Bottles and glass containers
  14. Intoxicants of any kind
  15. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes)
  16. Chewing tobacco
  17. Climbing of fences
  18. Abuse of field equipment
  19. Advertising in accordance with Board of Education policy

1500 – E



Building Use Fees

$50 / Hour for building use on weekday per room used (Gymnasium, Pool, Cafeteria, etc. are all separate rooms)
$68 / Hour for building use on weekend per room used (Gymnasium, Pool, Cafeteria, etc. are all separate rooms)

Athletic Complex and Facility Use Fees

Complete Rental Fee                                            $800
(Including Site Coordinator, Scoreboard Operator, Custodial Service and Security for a Maximum of Five (5) Hours Unless a Longer Period Is Approved by the BOE or its Designee)

Field Rental Only $95 / Hour
Site Coordinator (Athletic Administrator) $75 / Hour
Ticket Seller (Optional) $30 / Event / Contest
Lights (Optional) $25 / Hour
Custodians (Additional) $35 / Hour
Security $100 / Event
Locker Room (Optional) $70 / Event
Parking Attendants (Optional) $25 ea. / Event
Scoreboard $60 / Event
Scoreboard Operator $25 / Hour
Press Box No Charge
PA System $50 / Event
Tables $5 / Table
Chairs No Charge
Concession Stand Prior Approval – TBD

Fine Arts Facility Use Fees

$50 / Hour for building use on weekday per room used (Auditorium, Fine Arts rooms and classroom are all separate rooms)
$68 / Hour for building use on weekend per room used (Auditorium, Fine Arts rooms and classroom are all separate rooms)

Auditorium $125 / Hour + Hourly Building Use Fee
Site Coordinator (Fine Arts Administrator) $100 / Hour
Sound Operator $40/Hour
Lighting Operator $40/Hour
Equipment Use Fee (piano, risers, stands, etc.) $100/Event
Custodians (Additional) $35 / Hour
Security (Additional) $160 / Event 4 hours minimum

If an approved/scheduled facility use event is canceled less than 24 hours prior to the event, a four (4) hour minimum charge for the rooms requested will be assessed.

Technology Facility Use Fees

HS Large Group Instruction Rooms $75 / Hour
HS Distance Learning Room $75 / Hour
Level I Tech Support (Sysop) $40 / Hour
Level II Tech Support (Net Adm/Lan Tech) $70 / Hour
Level III Tech Support (Admin) $100 / Hour