Board of Education Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Board

The West Genesee Board of Education is the elected policy-making body of the school district. At West Genesee, the Board consists of nine members who serve without pay. The term of office is for three years, (July 1 – June 30), with three positions elected at the annual election each year.

The Board of Education is responsible for establishing the quality of education in the district. It serves as liaison between the schools and the community.

The Board of Education:

  • defines the philosophy of the district
  • establishes the policies for the operation of the district
  • recruits and hires the Superintendent
  • sets goals and objectives to achieve educational progress
  • evaluates the effectiveness of district programs and services
  • adopts and monitors a budget consistent with educational needs and community resources
  • communicates the needs and progress of the District to the community, educational governing boards, and legislators
  • acts on recommendations set forth by the superintendent regarding financial, personnel/operational, and curriculum items