CMS Important Message about Bus Transportation

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers,

As you know, we have experienced challenges involving shortages including that of substitutes. We have explored and implemented many creative solutions in classrooms, building custodial, district grounds, food services, and transportation, to name a few. Thank you to all involved that have helped make situations less difficult with cooperation and patience.

Transportation is a priority area for obvious reasons; safety of passengers and a unique skillset from our professionals. We have employed creativity on a regular basis with our daily runs and extra trips. Recently, routine health, medical, and prescheduled personnel commitments have increased and absences have been difficult to overcome.

On Friday, March 3, 2023 we will implement the following approach with a goal to transport all student riders as on time as possible. The following buses will be transported to school approximately 2 hours late in the morning; afternoon runs will not be affected by this adjustment. They are:

Bus #37, Bus #46, Bus #82, Bus #89, Bus #103

Parent/Guardians will be contacted regarding estimated time as well as encouraged to drive, if possible.

Thank you for your continued support during an ongoing challenging time of resources.

David C. Bills
Superintendent of Schools