CMS Letter from Principal about SnapChat

December 16, 2021

To Camillus Middle School Families,

This morning a student reported a threatening post that was seen on SnapChat, more specifically in a group chat room. The student who reported the threat said there may have been up to 50 people in the chat. Administration interviewed students who may have seen the post.

The Camillus Police Department and our School Resource Officer were immediately notified and have been involved in the investigation.  Administration has contacted all parties involved. The Camillus Police Department has determined there is no credible threat. They are continuing to investigate the matter.

It is important that at school and at home we monitor students’ social media accounts closely. Please continue to encourage your students to say something if they see something. ¬†As we know, the immediate nature of communication through social media can be inappropriate, misleading, and potentially dangerous. We applaud the students who came forward with this information.

This communication is intended to inform you of the situation as quickly as possible and assure you that the matter has been deemed as not credible and continues to be investigated by the Camillus Police Department.

As always thank you for your continued support,

Mrs. Przybylski
CMS Principal