Comfort Cases-Donations Needed

The WGHS National Honor Society for Dance Arts is partners with our local Department of Children and Family Services to make COMFORT CASES to give to children who are in the foster care system. These children are made to leave their home and go to a stranger’s house for an indeterminate amount of time. Many children are moved from home to home. To make matters worse, these kids do not pack a suitcase with their favorite clothes and belongings. If they are lucky enough to have time to “pack” and lucky enough to have things to pack, most often these items are put into a garbage bag.
Comfort Cases changes that. A Comfort Case is a backpack filled with needed items such as toiletries, a soft blanket, pajamas, perhaps a stuffed animal and a coloring book for the younger children, maybe some soft socks and a journal or hair accessories for a teen.
Comfort Care FlyerPlease see the flyer at right that outlines items we need. Please check out for more information about Comfort Cases.
Here is the schedule of when items can be dropped off at the HS auditorium.
January 11 bring items to drop in the auditorium lobby before our 7pm Dance Concert February 10-12, your donations can be dropped off in the lobby of the WGHS auditorium between 6-7pm on Thursday and Friday, or between noon-1pm on Saturday before the musical “Beauty and the Beast”.
If you are not able to join us for the dance concert or the musical, donations may be left at the Main Office or the Office of Fine Arts Monday – Friday through February 28. Please, if you find it in your heart to help us help them, we will be forever grateful.
Many thanks, Caroline Brackett, Dance Educator & Chapter Sponsor of the NHSDA. I can be reached at 315-487-4612 or