Alternate School Phone Contacts

If there are issues with our phones due to loss of internet connection within the West Genesee school district,  until they are resolved to our satisfaction, please call the following numbers by building in the event you need to reach someone: (These are only answered when the power or internet is down.)

East Hill Elementary School

Main Office-315-468-0850

Nurse’s Office-315-468-0852

Onondaga Road Elementary School

Main Office-315-487-2015

Nurse’s Office-315-487-2017

Stonehedge Elementary School

Gold Main Office-315-468-0714

Blue Main Office-315-468-0715

Nurse’s Office-315-468-0716

Split Rock Elementary School 

Main Office-315-468-0801/315-468-0802

Nurse’s Office-315-468-0803

Camillus Middle School

Main Office-315-672-3256

Nurse’s Office-Not Available

West Genesee Middle School

Main Office-315-468-0571/315-468-0572

Nurse’s Office-315-468-0573

West Genesee High School

Main Office-315-488-5493

Nurse’s Office-315-488-5492