Meal Charging Policy

Meal Availability for Students – All Levels

  1. All students, at all grade levels, will be allowed to proceed through the line with a regular menu item reimbursable meal every day.
  2. Students with negative account balances will not be required to take alternate meals, such as cheese or peanut butter sandwiches.
  3. Once a child’s account balance is -$10.00 or more, collection efforts by the District Office will begin. The District will utilize email notification to parents/guardians prior to making collection efforts.
  4. At no time, will food be removed from a child’s tray.
  5. At no time shall a child with a negative balance be allowed to charge ala-carte items or second lunches.
  6.  If a child asks for an ala-carte item, such as ice cream or a power-aide, at the point of sale register, those purchases will not be allowed.
  7.  If a child asks about their lunch account balance, the staff will ask the child to have their parents find the information online at or have their parents call the office at 315-487-4661.
  8. Staff, at the secondary level including grades 6-12, will tell a child when their account balance is getting low. They will use the phrase, low balance, even when the account balance is actually negative. However, all the same rules included in items 1, 2, 4 & 5 above will still be followed.