Nutrition Letter Update

Dear West Genesee Families,

During the coming school year, expect to see important changes in school lunches nationwide. School cafeterias are now required to meet new federal nutrition standards that aim to promote a healthy lifestyle. These changes are planned to address the rising rate of childhood obesity as well as increased health complications in our population. More schools are actively trying to create a healthier school environment. It is important to encourage your child/children to choose a well-balanced school lunch.

The new guidelines set strict regulations for portion size yet offer a wide variety of milk, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. Examples of these new federal regulations include:

  • Specific portion sizes individualized for each grade range (K-5, 6-8, 9-12);
  • Fat free or low fat milk (flavored milk will only be offered as fat free);
  • Larger servings and more variety of fruits and vegetables
  • More whole grain products such as breads, pasta, and cereals;
  • Specific calorie ranges, limited saturated fats and only naturally occurring trans fats;
  • Students must select a minimum of a ½ cup of fruit or vegetable on their tray.

Food Service providers, meal planners, and Food Service staff are working together to create healthier, tastier, and convenient meals for students. If you would like more information regarding the new meal pattern requirements, please contact Emily Cullen, School Lunch Director at or (315) 487-4563. For additional information, please visit the Child Nutrition website at: