Raptor Visitor Management System – Questions and Answers


How will the policy be communicated to internal staff?

Staff will be provided a copy of the public communication letter.  Building administration will review procedures at a staff meeting annually.

How will the policy be communicated to the community?

A letter will be mailed or carried home to all parents and guardians. Information will be sent via electronic notifications and placed on the District website.

What does the Raptor Visitor Management System do?

The Raptor® Visitor Management System screens against the national sex offender registry for every visitor based on first name, last name and date of birth. The Raptor system will also screen against custom alerts the district/school configures, such as, non-custodial parents/guardians, non-trespassing orders, etc.

What information will the Raptor system collect from scanning the ID?

The Raptor system only collects the first name, last name, date of birth, partial ID# and picture. Raptor DOES NOT keep a copy of the ID.


What forms of ID will the district accept?

The Raptor system can read 2D barcodes and/or Machine-Readable Zones (MRZ).  However, West Genesee may accept and manually enter first name, last name, and date of birth from ID’s such as passports and ID’s issued from foreign countries.

The Preferable ID is a driver’s License or passport issued in the United States.

If a driver’s license or passport is not available, an alternate picture ID accompanied by a second form of ID, such as a bank card or credit card with the same name on it will be permitted.

Which visitors will be scanned (i.e., courier, a parent dropping off lunch, all visitors, anyone going beyond the front office, etc.)?

All persons seeking access to any part of our buildings during the school day other than the main office will be scanned.

What will happen if the person does not have a valid form of ID that the district/school accepts?

No access to the building will be allowed.

What if a parent refuses to present their ID?

No access to the building will be allowed.