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Bus Seat Assignments Update Posted on September 7, 2020

Bus seat assignments are now available in the Ride360. Once in the App, click the + sign for your seat assignment.

Your child’s seat assignment is for whatever ride you indicated that they need on the parent survey in early August.

If you indicated they needed a ride for AM only, PM only or both AM and PM the seat assignment is the same for all rides.

Please note the seating is numbered and lettered starting from row 1 on the passenger side of the bus:

  • Seat A is window seat door side
  • Seat B is middle seat door side
  • Seat C is aisle seat door side
  • Seat D is aisle seat driver side
  • Seat E is middle seat driver side
  • Seat F is window seat driver side

Most seat assignments will be seats A and F. The only instances where other letters are use are where siblings from the same house are sitting together.

Update to Transportation Information Posted on September 4, 2020

We are excited to see your children next Thursday. Please refer to the letter linked below in the District Reopening Information article for details regarding transportation or click here. As we prepare for the new “temporary normal” please review the following key facts with your children for preparation in riding the school bus:

  1. They must have a mask to ride the bus.
  2. They must present the driver with their daily health pass to board the bus.(They will hold on to the pass to be given to the staff at the school building.)
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available on the bus.
  4. They must sit in their assigned seat. You can find their seat assignments by accessing the Ride360 App or web link as discussed in the letter linked below.
  5. Other than siblings, in some instances, all passengers are assigned to their own seat.
  6. Once in their seat, you child should slide into the window side of the seat.

Please take a few moments to review these key safety steps with your child before next Thursday.

Now Available:  School Bus Transportation Letter/Information for 2020-2021: New bus mobile phone app to to check on arrival and drop off times in real time! Just click here for more information about the Traversa Ride 360 Mobile Application.

District Transportation Staff